NovelTM @ MLA 2017

Don’t miss the NovelTM team at the 2017 MLA Convention in Philadelphia, PA, from January 5-8, 2017.

Andrew Piper will present “Tempos: Computation and the Time of Reading,” co-authored by Jonathan Sachs (Concordia University), during Session 404, “Reading against Noise,” on Friday, 6 January, from 5:15–6:30 PM.

Mark Algee-Hewitt will present “Networks of Response: Citation and Sequence in Nineteenth-Century Periodical Reviews” during Session 485, “Renewing the Network of Digital Nineteenth-Century Studies,” on Saturday, 7 January, from 10:15–11:30 AM.

Laura Mandell will present “Gender and Cultural Analytics: Finding or Making Stereotypes?” during Session 612, “The Limits of the Numerical: New Roles for Literary Study,” on Saturday, 7 January, from 3:30–4:45 PM.