NovelTM at DH 2016 in Krakow

Many of members of the NovelTM project recently participated in DH 2016 in Krakow, Poland.

Below is a list of papers by and activities related to NovelTM co-investigators:

• New Scholars Symposium
Geoffrey Rockwell was a co-organizer of the pre-conference New Scholars Symposium that brought graduate students, postdocs, and early career scholars together for a one day unconference. This was supported by CHCI and centerNet.

* CWRC & Voyant Tools: Text Repository Meets Text Analysis
Stéfan Sinclair, Susan Brown, Geoffrey Rockwell
This workshop led by NovelTM researchers showed participants how to use CWRC and Voyant.

• Suomela, T., Rockwell, G., Chartier, R.
Curating Just-In-Time Datasets from the Webweb archiving science and technology studies

• Rockwell, G., Mandell, L., Sinclair, S., Wilkens, M., Capitanu, B., Downie, S.
The Trace of Theory: Extracting Subsets from Large CollectionsVery Large Collections Machine Learning HathiTrust
This panel came out of the novelTM ACS grant we had with the HTRC.

Nanni, F., Rockwell, G., Brügger, N., Milligan, I., Winters, J.
Web Historiography – A New Challenge for Digital Humanities?
Geoffrey Rockwell discussed the ethics of scraping social media materials off the web.

• Brown, S., Clement, T., Mandell, L., Verhoeven, D., Wernimont, J.
Creating Feminist Infrastructure in the Digital Humanitiescollaboration infrastructure training feminism

• Brown, S. et al.
The Scholarly Digital Edition: Best Practices, Guidelines, and Peer Evaluation

• Algee-Hewitt, M., Porter, J., Walser, H.
Representations Of Race: Mining Identity In American Fiction, 1789-1964text-mining Natural Language Processing race and identity character identification American fiction

• Muzny, G., Algee-Hewitt, M., Jurafsky, D.
The Dialogic Turn and the Performance of Gender: the English Canon 1782-2011