Matt Erlin Delivers Keynote Address at Penn DH Conference

Matt Erlin gave a lecture entitled “Digital Humanities Myths and Legends” at the conference “Mapping, Mining, Redefining: The Digital Turn in the Humanities,” which was held at the University of Pennsylvania on April 23-25, 2015.

Myths can be understood not only as forms of collective delusion but also as origin stories, emplotments that we use to transform mere chronology into a coherent narrative. Redirecting the digital humanities’ focus on pattern recognition back toward itself, Matt’s presentation introduces and critiques a selection of digital humanities masterplots, that is to say, a selection of basic narrative frameworks that have been used to make sense of the rapid rise of the field. His intention is that attending to how story events and characters have been embedded in particular plots will shed new light on the major fault lines of ongoing debates as well as on the normative claims implicitly mobilized by the various parties.