“Is it Research or is it Spying?”

“Is it Research or is it Spying? Thinking-Through Ethics in Big Data AI and Other Knowledge Sciences” has just been published online by the German Journal of Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell as a co-author. This article looks at some of the ethical issues raised by the knowledge sciences (like text mining) and how we can engage these
issues. Here is the abstract:

How to be a knowledge scientist after the Snowden revelations?” is a question we all have to ask as it becomes clear that our work and our students could be involved in the building of an unprecedented surveillance society. In this essay, we argue that this affects all the knowledge sciences such as AI, computational linguistics and the digital humanities. Asking the question calls for dialogue within and across the disciplines. In this article, we will position ourselves with respect to typical stances towards the relationship between (computer) technology and its uses in a surveillance society, and we will look at what we can learn from other fields. We will propose ways of addressing the question in teaching and in research, and conclude with a call to action.

An author pre-print version is available here.