Geoffrey Rockwell Gives Paper in Frankfurt on Building Community Engagement with the Humanities

On Monday February 23, NovelTM member Geoffrey Rockwell gave a paper in Frankfurt entitled, “Building Research Capacity Across the Humanities and Social Sciences: Social Innovation, Community Engagement and Citizen Science” at the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF). Rockwell’s talk addressed the current lack of public support for the humanities, which he attributes to a “broken or forgotten social contract between the humanities and our publics (whose taxes fund universities).” To remedy the situation, Rockwell argues that we must create avenues to “re-engage the local and international communities interest in what we do.” To accomplish this goal, he encourages: 1) A better knowledge of ourselves, which will allow us to more effectively present our work to the community;  2) A more astute ear to the research needs of the local community and subsequent collaboration with the community researchers who are working on these problems; 3) The establishment of a connection between the humanities and communities of interest through the internet. As an example of a project attempting to engage the public with humanities research through citizen science, Rockwell presented NovelTM’s work on tagging social networks in literature. To read more, please see Geoffrey Rockwell’s post on his blog