NovelTM represents at Around the World

NovelTM co-investigators Prof Geoffrey Rockwell (Alberta) and Prof Laura Mandell (Texas A&M) spoke at the Around the World Conference on May 4, 2017. This year’s theme “Digital Media in a Post-Truth Era” explored how digital media has challenged the notion of truth. Round-table discussions and graduate student presentations, including those by Robert Budac and Sonja…

A winning team

Congratulations to NovelTM team members Geoffrey Rockwell (Alberta) and Stéfan Sinclair (McGill) on receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award for Computing in the Arts and Humanities at the 2017 Canadian Society for Digital Humanities Conference on May 29-31. The award recognized their groundbreaking work on Voyant Tools 2.0 and their book “Hermeneutica: Computer-Assisted Interpretation in the…

Text-mining under the Texas sun

In December, PhD student Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon (University of Alberta) exchanged snow for sun along with many text-mining ideas and tricks of the trade during his visit with Prof Laura Mandell and members of the Texas A&M NovelTM team. Read about what he learned on his blog, Playing in Public / Jouer en Public: A Text Mining Week at Texas A&M Part 1 and Part 2.

Notre Dame a hub for springtime NovelTM activity

Congratulations to NovelTM co-investigator Matt Wilkens (University of Notre Dame) on the success of Cultural Analytics 2017! The symposium on 26-27 May brought together a number of individuals from the NovelTM team as well as external researchers and members of the public to discuss new research in computational and data-intensive cultural studies. In the lead-up to this exciting event, Prof…

NovelTM scholar opens Network@1800 Symposium

NovelTM team member Matt Erlin delivered the Harold and Iris Chandler Lecture “Enlightenment Publication Networks” at the Network@1800: New Directions in German and European Cultural Studies Symposium at Bowdoin College on April 5, 2017. For more on the event, see “Network@1800: A Digital Humanities Perspective on European Cultural History.”

Partner Focus: Compute Canada

NovelTM partner Compute Canada recently highlighted the work of team members Geoffrey Rockwell and Stéfan Sinclair in the article “High-powered computing: it’s not just for astrophysics anymore.” The piece describes the Voyant tool they co-created, which is “the most widely used tool running on the Compute Canada platform.” You can read more about Voyant and the intersection between high-end computing and humanities…

Tackling gender bias in book reviews

A team of undergraduate students with the NovelTM team at McGill University has launched a new website looking at gender bias in book reviewing. The interns came to the table with various interests and areas of expertise — from social justice, women’s studies and literature to computer science and linguistics — but they shared a concern for gender equality. They…

Opportunity knocks

NovelTM team member Prof Matthew Wilkens is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join his group at the University of Notre Dame. Please see Matt’s website for details about the position. Applications can be submitted online.

Academic prestige and publishing

NovelTM Project Director Andrew Piper and Professor Chad Wellmon of the University of Virginia are co-authors on a recently accepted article in the journal Critical Inquiry. “Publication, Power, and Patronage: On Inequality and Academic Publishing” addresses the unequal concentration of elite institutions within prominent humanities journals. A pre-print of the article and access to the new, hand-curated dataset used…

The makings of a bestseller

NovelTM Co-Investigator Matthew Jockers and his research partner Jodie Archer have authored “The Bestseller Code,” a Wall Street Journal Most Anticipated Book of 2016 examining the characteristics of blockbuster novels. In this radio interview, Matt discusses the computer analysis that served as the basis for the book.