NovelTM scholar opens Network@1800 Symposium

NovelTM team member Matt Erlin delivered the Harold and Iris Chandler Lecture “Enlightenment Publication Networks” at the Network@1800: New Directions in German and European Cultural Studies Symposium at Bowdoin College on April 5, 2017. For more on the event, see “Network@1800: A Digital Humanities Perspective on European Cultural History.”

Distant reading meets 19th Century Germany

NovelTM members Matt Erlin, Andrew Piper and Mark Algee-Hewiitt explore the notion of distant reading and how it applies to the analysis of 19th Century German literature and culture in a new book published by Camden House. Edited by Matt Erlin and Lynne Tatlock, Distant Readings: Topologies of German Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century is a “cutting-edge publication in the…