The Identity Issue in Cultural Analytics

The NovelTM group is pleased to announce a special issue of Cultural Analytics on “Identity” edited by Susan Brown and Laura Mandell.
This special issue of Cultural Analytics tackles the urgent question of how social identities can be addressed through computational methods. In particular, it probes the extent to which large datasets can be used to elucidate the kinds of questions that humanities scholars want to ask about historical and representational processes that structure social relations and positions. The papers emerge from the work of the Text Mining the Novel research partnership, which chose identity as one of its themes of inquiry. This issue is thus situated at the intersection of literary studies and sociology, looking outward toward the novel’s construction of ethnicities, genders, class categories, and racial terminology.
The first article in the series is also out by Ted Underwood, David Bamman and Sabrina Lee:
In this article the authors explore the changing significance of gender in fiction, asking especially whether its prominence in characterization has varied from the end of the eighteenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first.