First Annual NovelTM Workshop

NovelTM is very excited to be hosting the first annual workshop on text mining the novel. We are welcoming over 20 digital humanists, students, and industry partners from the U.S. and Canada to Montreal for the next two days. Our aims include envisioning the big picture of writing the first large-scale quantitative history of the novel, creating meaningful relationships with non-academic partners, and brainstorming how it is that groups work best together. Here’s a list of participants.


Mark Algee-Hewitt, Stanford University

Jonathan Armoza, McGill University

Susan Brown, University of Guelph

Stefan Dimitrov, McGill University

J. Stephen Downie, Hathi Trust Research Center

Matt Erlin, Washington University, St. Louis

Matthew Jockers, University of Nebraska

Gabrielle Kirilloff,  University of Nebraska

Corina MacDonald, McGill University

Laura Mandell, Texas A&M

Dan Mazur, Compute Canada

John Miedema, IBM Watson

Marcellus Mindus, IBM Watson

Andrew Piper, McGill University

Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta

Derek Ruths, McGill University

Jeffrey Schnapp, metaLAB, Harvard University

Stéfan Sinclair, McGill University

Salvy Trojman, Gale Cengage Learning

Ted Underwood, University of Illinois

Hardik Vala, McGill University

Matthew Wilkens, Notre Dame